Multi-Asset Portfolios: Common Challenges and Best Practices

Alternative and derivative asset classes are a rapidly growing investment vehicle for insurers and investment managers who are looking for ways to hedge market volatility and maximise return at a time when margins are razor thin. However, these investment types come with their own accounting, reporting, and regulatory challenges. What might seem like a good strategy can turn into more operational headaches for you and your team.

Whether your organisation is currently invested in alternatives and derivatives or simply investigating the idea, you will find this webinar recording full of valuable best practices and tips for scaling your investment accounting and reporting operations. Listen as we discuss the current state of these asset classes in the market and how to prepare for upcoming trends and regulations.

During this recording, you will:

  • Learn about the different accounting and reporting considerations for some of the most modern asset classes in the market.
  • Learn how to apply operational best practices to make alternatives and derivatives a positive contributor in your investment portfolio.
  • Understand some of the upcoming trends and changes to market regarding these investment types and how they could impact your firm.

This webinar recording is targeted at our EMEA audience. We previously ran a US version of this webinar during May 2020 and a link to that recording can be found on our website.

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Featured Presenters

Ryan Brassey, CFA

Ryan Brassey, CFA

Insurance Solutions Specialist, Clearwater Analytics

Ryan has been with Clearwater since 2010, working primarily with insurers to transform their investment operations, data management, accounting and reporting. Ryan has successfully served in several roles during his time at Clearwater including account manager and client services manager working across multiple large global client partnerships. This experience has given him a thorough understanding of client needs and current market challenges. He has deep knowledge of how to improve processes, and works with teams to ensure they receive the highest quality investment accounting and reporting available. 

Ryan has a bachelor’s in economics and business leadership from the University of Puget Sound.

Kyle Whatley

Kyle Whatley

Solutions Consultant, EMEA, Clearwater Analytics

Kyle joined Clearwater in 2015 as an alternative investment analyst in the software development department. He helped to further advance the Clearwater solution for alternative and derivative investments, then moved into operations to continue servicing those asset classes as a subject matter expert. He is now serving the EMEA market as a solutions consultant, helping firms streamline their investment accounting and reporting processes for all asset classes. 

Kyle has a B.S. in mathematics and statistics from the University of Idaho.