Press Release

Press Release

Government Portfolio Advisors Partners with Clearwater to Enhance Client Reporting

Thursday, June 11, 2020

BOISE, Idaho — Clearwater and Government Portfolio Advisors (GPA) announced today that GPA has implemented Clearwater’s SaaS solution for client reporting, accounting, and back- and middle-office services.

Based in Portland, Oregon, GPA is an industry leader in providing fixed income investment advisory services to public entities in the management of their operating, bond proceeds and reserve funds. Public entities served by GPA include state general funds, cities, counties, school districts, transit and port authorities, power districts, water districts, and universities. 

GPA’s partnership with Clearwater will further enhance the tailored, relationship-focused experience GPA provides to its clients and support GPA’s offering for the municipal/government space. Clearwater’s premium suite of accounting tools have transformed GPA’s ability to deliver complete, validated, up-to-date portfolio information every day. GPA advisors use Clearwater to monitor and analyze their clients’ portfolios and facilitate conversations around investment strategy. Clearwater’s solution allows GPA clients to log in from any location and have access to the same updated portfolio information.

GPA utilizes Clearwater’s statement offering to elevate their client reporting, including communication on how they are managing the portfolio and relevant market commentary. GPA’s clients also view their data directly through the GPA portal, powered by Clearwater, and configure prebuilt or custom reports, including disclosures for GASB reporting. 

“Partnering with Clearwater has given us valuable tools we can use to enrich the relationship we have with our clients and offer a truly differentiated experience,” said Deanne Woodring, President and Senior Portfolio Advisor at GPA. “Our clients especially appreciate the quality of the statements they receive and the portal they can use for complete transparency into their investments and simplified reporting.”

“GPA enables Clearwater to further expand our offering to both money managers and public institutions,” said Scott Erickson, Chief Operating Officer at Clearwater Analytics. “Not only are their employees power users within our system as they adopt new technology, but they also bring a wealth of knowledge of the public fund sector as we continue to evolve our product and service to the needs of this space.”


About Government Portfolio Advisors

Government Portfolio Advisors (GPA), was founded by a team of seasoned fixed income portfolio managers with decades of experience assisting public entities with their investment management programs. Their services seek to empower the financial staff of each client through a highly effective and distinct advisory approach that optimizes investment earnings with a disciplined investment management process. GPA’s consultative style embraces a customized partnership with each client in the development of cost-effective solutions for fixed income investment management.   

GPA’s advisory services include fixed income portfolio management, investment policy development, cash flow analysis, portfolio compliance oversight, and a fully transparent, concise online reporting package that is backed by Clearwater Analytics. 

As of March 31, 2020, GPA, had assets under management of $11.4 billion and provides oversight consulting services on $9.4 billion in additional assets.

GPA is committed to technology and transparency and partnering with Clearwater ensures that our operational system is positioned for the future. GPA’s clients come first and having a dynamic reporting system for both investments and accounting aligns with the firm’s value proposition: “ACT” investing:  Accountability, Confidence and Transparency within the investment program. 

Additional information about GPA can be found at:

Contact Information: Deanne Woodring, CFA | President | +1 503 248 9973 |

About Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics is a global SaaS solution for automated investment data aggregation, reconciliation, accounting, and reporting. Clearwater helps thousands of organizations make the most of their investment portfolio data with a world-class product and client-centric servicing. Clearwater offers a full complement of middle- and back-office solutions like trade confirm/affirm, client billing, composite management, client statements, and more.

Each day, the Clearwater solution reports on more than $4 trillion in client assets. 

Since its founding in 2004, Clearwater has provided a cloud-native solution that helps investors make the most of their data. Investment professionals in 49 countries trust Clearwater to deliver timely, validated investment data and in-depth reporting.

Additional information about Clearwater can be found at LinkedIn: | Twitter: @cwanalytics
Contact: Alex Goochey | +1 208 489 3909 |