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Market Volatility Demands Investment Transparency for Government Treasuries and Pension Funds

Market Volatility Demands Investment Transparency for Government Treasuries and Pension Funds

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Governments, and particularly government pension funds, are invested for the long term. Reviewing the characteristics of those investments monthly or quarterly makes sense under normal market conditions, but when the financial markets are volatile, it is important to review the status of your investments — and to review characteristics such as risk exposure — in real-time. As we all know, market events don’t wait to happen until month-end, and fiduciary responsibility to the public is ongoing. 

If you have an investment data solution that aggregates and validates your holdings daily, then you have access to your current data whenever you need it. If that investment data solution provides web-based reporting, then you have access to data wherever you are, including if you are working from home. And if that investment data solution is cloud-based, then you are not responsible for maintaining the IT infrastructure to support all the data aggregation and validation — an efficiency whether the economy is operating under normal conditions or not

Clearwater Analytics offers a SaaS solution for automated investment data aggregation, reconciliation, accounting, and reporting. We currently report on approximately $4 trillion in assets for institutional clients in the corporate, insurance, asset management, and government spaces. Our clients have access to their investment data through web-based reporting that is available any time, any place. Their data is aggregated, reconciled, and validated daily. Whether you need a report for the investment board, the CIO, or investment staff, you can be confident that the data is current, and since you can generate a report anywhere, reports are available when you need them. 

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