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Make the Case for User Conference!

Make the Case for User Conference!


Clearwater’s 2019 User Conference is fast approaching!

The Clearwater User Conference is a one-of-a-kind event for all things portfolio accounting and investment data operations. If you haven’t attended before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our tailored and relevant sessions, thoughtfully organized peer discussion and networking opportunities, and our user-oriented focus that enables attendees to get real work done in a short and productive time frame.

We can only assume you’re already convinced. But how do you sell the idea to management? Below are some helpful points to mention as you make your case to attend this year’s User Conference.

A Strong Return on (a Small) Investment

Not only is the Clearwater User Conference a unique event; it’s also a great deal. Registration is completely complimentary and includes all breakfasts and lunches; you only need to pay for travel, a few meals, and lodging. Here is roughly how those costs break down:

  • Round-trip airfare to Boise: ≈$300 (based on prices as of this writing)
  • Accommodations: ≈$180/night x 3 nights = $540 (see our partnering hotels and rates here)
  • Meals: ≈$65/day x 2 = $130 (all meals on Thursday, as well as breakfast and lunch on Friday, are provided). Add in some incidental costs for transportation, and your final cost will likely come in around $1,000.

Focused Time with Your Clearwater Team

One of the main reasons we host our conference in Boise is so our clients, as well as those evaluating Clearwater, can spend significant time with their full servicing team.

Our Client Services people are quick to say User Conference is their favorite part of the year. That’s because there is simply no substitute for focused, face-to-face collaboration with their clients. We encourage you to speak to your team in advance to plan for your one-on-one session (or sessions) so you can make the most of your time together. Wednesday, September 11 is dedicated to one-on-one trainings so you can schedule more productive working meetings. 

Continuing Education Credits

We know that many of our conference attendees maintain credentials that require annual continuing education credits. (Many of the CPAs, CFAs, and other industry professionals at Clearwater can relate!) For that reason, we include as many accredited sessions as possible; it’s just another way we can add value to the conference. Over half the sessions at this year’s conference offer credit and attendees have the opportunity to earn up to 9.0 CPE and 10.8 CTP/CCM credits. You can see a breakdown of accredited sessions here.

Connect with Clearwater Leadership

The Thursday morning keynote address will be a wonderful kickoff for the 2019 conference. Expect to hear from Clearwater’s CEO Sandeep Sahai, along with other company leadership, for exclusive information about what we have been up to and what we have planned for the coming year.

Clearwater product owners (those in charge of setting the course for the development of our solution) are all ears during the conference as well: they want to hear from users about what is working, what new challenges you are experiencing, and what you’d like to see added to the system in the near future.

User Conference is a great time to connect with these leaders and amplify your organization’s voice in the roadmap conversation.

Given all the value you’ll take away from sessions and time with your servicing team, you’ll get a strong return on that small investment by the time you leave Boise. Best of luck! We hope to see you in September!

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