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Citisoft Article Highlights Clearwater’s Growth, Innovative Product

Citisoft Article Highlights Clearwater’s Growth, Innovative Product


In a new interview with Citisoft, Clearwater’s President of Americas and New Markets Scott Erickson and Executive Vice President Ivan Matviak shared insights into Clearwater’s global growth, the advantages of cloud-native technology, and a peek into what’s on Clearwater’s product roadmap this year.

Scott and Ivan discussed how Clearwater’s ability to handle multi-asset class portfolios, ensure up-to-date support for changing regulatory requirements, and provide the necessary tools for corporate IPOs are a few factors driving the company’s growth around the world. Clearwater clients are also benefitting from continual enhancements to the system and the development of new products, including innovative data management solutions. 

“When evaluating a system, people often look only at what a platform can handle today—but it’s what that platform will be able to handle in the future that often sets it apart. Clearwater continuously invests in the product to ensure that we can meet the evolving regulatory and asset class needs of all our clients,” Scott told Citisoft in the interview.

Click here to read the entire interview on Citisoft’s website.

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