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7 Reasons Why You Should Go to Clearwater User Conference

7 Reasons Why You Should Go to Clearwater User Conference


At Clearwater, we are passionate about helping investment professionals to be as successful as possible and find ways to make the most of their time and skills. That commitment is the driving force behind the 2019 Clearwater User Conference. With a revamped agenda, one-on-one meeting opportunities with Clearwater team members, and a full schedule of off-the-clock activities, this year’s User Conference is full of valuable ways to learn from and interact with your peers in the Clearwater Community.

Have you been to User Conference before, or will this be your first time? Or, are you still deciding if you will attend? If that’s the case, here are seven reasons why you should join us in Boise:

1. It’s for everyone

Past attendees have told us the conference is valuable for people of all levels of experience, whether they are a long-term user, new to the system, or considering Clearwater. User Conference is designed to enrich investment professionals’ knowledge of industry trends, regulatory updates, and the Clearwater system, no matter their level of experience with the solution or how many times they’ve attended User Conference.

2. No cost to register

All User Conference sessions and activities are complimentary — simply register on the website and reserve a spot in the sessions you want to attend.

3. Tailored for you

Each part of the User Conference is personalized to the attendee, especially one-on-one meetings with your Clearwater team. The agenda for a one-on-one meeting is set by you, so you can ask questions and learn about things that matter to you specifically, ensuring you get the most out of the Clearwater system.

In addition to one-on-ones, attendees can customize their time by choosing from more than 30 sessions across four tracks. We redesigned the agenda this year, adding new sessions and refreshing some old favorites. Choose from topics like professional development, regulatory updates, operational best practices, and roundtables with your fellow industry professionals.

4. Learn from your peers

Every year, conference attendees give high reviews of sessions that include the opportunity to learn from their peers. This year, more sessions than ever will include the chance to hear from your industry peers, join small group discussions around emerging challenges and solutions, and simply learn how others are approaching key initiatives and planning for the future.

5. Connect with the Clearwater Team

Put faces to names and learn more about the people behind the product. User Conference is the best opportunity to build relationships with not only your Client Servicing team members, but Clearwater’s leadership, product owners, and others in the organization.

6. Earn CE credit

Don’t forget continuing education! With so much great session content, why not earn some of those hard-to-come-by credits? This year’s agenda will again include a variety of sessions eligible for CPE, CTP/CCM, and FP&A credit.

7. You will love Boise

We may be biased, but we think Boise, Idaho is pretty great. Our fun, picturesque hometown is routinely rated as one of the best places in the US to visit, and we’ve got a range of activities planned that you can take advantage of during and after the conference. Stay tuned for extracurricular activity updates.

In short, the Clearwater User Conference is three days of professional learning, tailored to your needs and experience, all while interacting with the Clearwater Community in beautiful Boise. Check out the User Conference website to register and learn more. We look forward to seeing you September 12-14 in Boise!

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