• Regulatory updates from the NAIC, EIOPA, SEC, and other regulators relevant to investment accounting.
  • Best practices and other considerations relating to investment data operations, based on Clearwater’s extensive experience and client base.
  • News and other updates on the latest innovations in the financial technology sector.
  • Information about, and dispatches from, the most important industry events for institutional investors across the globe.
  • All about Clearwater: what is our company up to, and how can you best engage with our community of users.

5 Things to Do at 2019 User Conference

5 Things to Do at 2019 User Conference


The 2019 Clearwater User Conference takes place September 12-14 in Boise, Idaho.

We have thoughtfully curated this year’s conference agenda to include:

  • Emerging industry updates
  • Opportunities to master your use of Clearwater
  • Sessions that provide continuing education credits
  • Time for networking with your peers
  • Fun and free activities to help you relax after a long day of learning

Here are five things we know you can take away from User Conference, and some ideas for how to fit them into your schedule. Clearwater team members are happy to work with you to personalize your agenda and ensure you get the most out of your User Conference experience.

Master Your Use of Clearwater

Have you ever wanted to sit in a room with your peers and see how they use Clearwater? At this year’s User Conference, you’ll get that opportunity. We’ve gathered accounting and treasury teams in insurance, corporate treasury, investment management, and the public sector to show you their processes and provide tips on best practices. Learn from some of Clearwater's most experienced and active users in the session, Formula for Success: What Power Users Can Teach You About Clearwater Accounting.

Clearwater Product Owner Luther Yost will show you how to add to pizzazz to your performance reporting during his session on September 12. You can also get tips on compliance monitoring with Clearwater in the session Getting Proactive with Compliance Monitoring.

Look for industry-specific peer-driven sessions in the Clearwater In-Session track of the User Conference agenda. There are multiple sessions and time slots to choose from to fit your schedule.

If you want to dive deeper with your questions and receive personalized training, come in a little early on Wednesday for a one-on-one session. You can spend dedicated time on Wednesday or throughout the remainder of the conference working directly with your Clearwater servicing team and learning how you can reach your potential on Clearwater’s system.

Gain Industry Insights

Join a discussion around market trends, challenges, best practices, reform, and regulations with your industry peers. Look for the roundtable discussion for your industry, and add it to your conference schedule.

Investment managers will want to hear from Clearwater’s Len Randazzo on how data management and integrated reporting is crucial to the client experience. You’ll also want to attend Chasing Yield: The Growth of Complex Asset where you’ll hear from Summer Kisner, an expert resource at Clearwater for her knowledge of asset classes, and others discuss why investors are exploring more complex asset classes.

Get the Latest on Regulatory Updates

Do you know how the Accounting Standards Update 2016-13, Financial Instruments – Credit Losses will impact your team? Attend the What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Current Expected Credit Loss Model session to find out what changes are on the horizon.

For insurers, Clearwater actively monitors the latest updates from the NAIC. Attend the On Our Radar: NAIC Updates, where Clearwater’s Sabrina Wilson will break down the key topics and changes we’re watching and what you should know about them.

These sessions, and many others, also offer continuing education credits for attending.

Prepare for Change Management and a Clearwater Implementation

We know that choosing and implementing a new solution can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot for your team to consider and many people to convince to get on board with the change. At Clearwater, we aim to make that transition as smooth as possible.

For users who are new to Clearwater or firms that are still considering the solution, add the sessions Changing Your Mindset for Change Management and Welcome Aboard: Tips for a Successful Clearwater Implementation to your list.

In the change management session, Clearwater's Michael Hungerford will share best practices with enacting system changes and offer tips to make technology transitions easier at your own organization, not just for your investment accounting and reporting solution. In the implementation session, learn what sets a Clearwater implementation apart and tips for a successful first year with Clearwater.

Enjoy Your Time in Boise

We have activities planned every day of the conference that give you the opportunity to get out and have a little fun after a long day of learning. Join us September 12 at the Block Party Reception and Dinner. Start Friday off with an outdoor yoga class, then hop on a trolley after the conference and take a tour of Boise with us.

Haven't had enough fun yet? Good, because we have a full day of fun planned for September 14. Activities include a breakfast, hike, run, wine tasting tour, and college football game. All of these activities are complimentary for conference attendees. Please let us know if you are bringing a guest or guests, so we can reserve space for them too.


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