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NAIC National Meeting Update

Summer 2014, Louisville, KY

NAIC Meeting Update Summer 2014The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held its Summer 2014 National Meeting from August 16 - 19, 2014 in Louisville, KY. Clearwater Analytics is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest accounting guidance and standards and sent a representative to the meeting to track NAIC changes related to accounting for investments.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent updates that pertain to accounting for your investment portfolio and filing your quarterly and annual investment schedules with the NAIC.


  • Valuation of Securities (VOS) Task Force
    • Recalibration Project and its Impact
    • Purposes and Procedures Manual - Updates
    • Purposes and Procedures Manual - Proposed Amendments
    • Additional Updates: Structured Securities FAQ, Investment Classification Review Project, and more.
  • Statutory Accounting Principles Working Group
    • Adoption of REF: 2014-02: Disclosure for Structured Notes
    • Treatment of Non-Cash Items in the Cash-Flow Statements
    • Single-Member and Single-Assets LLCs
  • Blanks Working Group (BWG)
    • Postal Code Column – Amendment 2014-11
    • Schedule DB Footnotes – Amendment 2014-17
    • Disclosure 2014-06BWF
    • Categories Reported on Schedule BA
    • Foreign Code Matrix and Foreign Definition
  • Investment Risk-Based Capital Working Group
    • Evolving Revisions to C1 Factors for Corporate Bonds
    • New C1 Factors Format