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Redefining Implementation

The Clearwater Way

Implementation White PaperFor a lot of insurers, this scenario is all too familiar: you select a new investment accounting software product, and you’re told it will be an easy implementation process. The provider promises no manual data entry, easy software installation, and to stay within budget.

But those promises are quickly broken, as milestones go unmet and questions to the provider go unanswered. Unexpected snags and hidden fees pile up, and the whole implementation leaves your team over budget and overworked. By the time it’s finished—way past the promised deadline—you don’t trust the provider to give you the solution or support you need. But the implementation process has cost so much and been so painful that you shudder at the idea of starting over with a better system, requiring a new implementation.

Even if you haven’t had this kind of implementation experience, you’ve probably heard the horror stories. Fortunately, Clearwater Analytics has redefined the entire implementation process, so it is no longer painful, costly, and cumbersome. Download Redefining Implementation: The Clearwater Way to learn how Clearwater's unrivaled technology, streamlined processes, and extraordinary customer service makes us the investment accounting and reporting solution to help you succeed, from implementation onwards.