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Reassuring Clients in a Volatile Marketplace

London and Capital Case Study

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About London & Capital

London & Capital is an independently owned asset manager based in London, U.K. Founded in 1986, they currently manage more than $1 billion of discretionary funds, and specialize in insurance companies, captive clients, corporations, private wealth, and other institutional investors.

Business Situation

  • Specializes in creating tailor-made portfolios to meet clients' investment objectives
  • Structured investment philosophy that addresses the complex demands of an international financial market
  • Needed to keep up with regulatory changes, create customized communication and reporting tools for a wide variety of global clients, and readily scale to manage accounts' growth

Solution Requirements

  • A single, reconciled data source able to offer investment accounting, risk analytics, performance measurement, and investment policy compliance reporting
  • Enable client access to a specialty dashboard and customized reports
  • A system with a dedicated understanding of international investment accounting regulations, requirements, and standards

Results and Benefits

  • Web-based access: The internal team at London & Capital and their clients have 24/7 access to independently verified accounting, compliance, performance and risk reports
  • Segregated portfolio administration: London & Capital estimates the increased granularity for cell captive management has helped them attract around $175 million of assets
  • Time savings: no more double-checking data or manual reconciliation work
  • Regulatory scalability: easy adaptation to the new regulatory expectations of Solvency II, and any other upcoming regulations

London and Capital Logo "With Clearwater, portfolio managers can focus on strategy and not on reconciling numbers. Clearwater lets us focus on making sure the client is in the driver's seat and making sure that we give the client what the client needs." William Dalziel | Partner, Head of Institutional Division, London & Capital

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