Investment Performance Reporting and Analytics

Effectively Measure Portfolio Performance With Clearwater

Analyzing portfolio performance is critical, regardless of whether you manage investments in-house or outsource to one or more asset managers. Getting an accurate and meaningful view of performance can be extremely difficult unless all of your investment managers, including in-house investors, are all using consistent accounting assumptions in accordance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

With Clearwater, the days of merging reports from multiple sources to determine investment portfolio performance are over. Clearwater’s flexible, web-based performance solution provides you with apples-to-apples performance comparisons with the click of a button. Whether you’re juggling multiple bases, currencies, asset managers, benchmarks, or custom spreadsheets, Clearwater provides daily performance data that is independently verified and ties out to audit-quality accounting data.

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With Clearwater performance, you are able to compare portfolio performance to custom benchmarks and multiple asset managers, whether you’re viewing individual, composite or aggregate accounts. Analyze performance summaries, comparisons, attribution, and contribution by sector, duration, credit rating, security type, market capitalization, or country. Furthermore, users can drill-down to the individual security and tax-lot level, while viewing custom date ranges, portfolio views, entitlements, and benchmarks.

In addition, the entire Clearwater solution is integrated; meaning accounting, compliance, performance, and risk reports are all derived from the same system, so numbers across your investment portfolio tie out automatically.

Clearwater Performance Features

  • Daily trending with index and accounts (daily performance returns/daily index)
  • Risk-adjusted returns, including information ratio, Sharpe ratio, and standard deviation
  • Attribution, tax-adjusted returns, and historical returns
  • Security-level performance over customized date ranges
  • Independent, 3rd party reconciliation and verification
  • Precise, audit-quality data, updated daily
  • Performance at the individual, composite, or aggregate level
  • Integrated with all Clearwater data, including audit-quality accounting
  • Flexible dashboard-style or detailed reports contain comprehensive performance data

Clearwater Performance Benefits

  • Holistic: Analyze and monitor the performance of your entire portfolio, no matter where or how it’s managed
  • Transparent: Gain unprecedented transparency into the performance of your investment portfolio
  • Efficient: Save time normally spent aggregating investment data from disparate locations
  • Visible: Assess your portfolio’s performance through different lenses
Investment Performance Reporting and Analytics

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