Accurate and Timely
Investment Data

When it comes to investments, treasury and accounting professionals in any organization must stay on top of shifting market conditions, provide timely reporting to internal and external stakeholders, and keep up with changing accounting rules. To be successful, you rely on accurate and timely investment data. You need a solution that delivers robust, audit-quality investment data; a solution that puts actionable information at your fingertips and is available anytime, anywhere. You need a partner who is dedicated to helping you stay up to date on the industry’s best practices for investment reporting and accounting. You need Clearwater.

Daily Aggregation From Safekeeping Locations and Asset Managers

No matter where your assets are held, Clearwater aggregates all of your investment data from custody banks, safekeeping locations, brokerages, and asset managers. There’s no need to rely on manual data entry and there are no spreadsheets to manage. Our proprietary solution does all the hard work for you, seamlessly aggregating all positions and transactions for your entire portfolio.

Accurate and Timely Investment Data

Automatic Data Integration From Third-Party Providers

Clearwater pulls investment security characteristics (i.e., credit ratings, pricing, sector, etc.) from major data providers and automatically integrates them into a robust, audited security master file that is updated daily.

Automatic Data Integration From Third-Party Providers

“Clearwater is a real time-saver. Whether analyzing daily transactions or creating month-end reports to the Board of Directors, Clearwater allows our treasury staff to spend more time maximizing the effectiveness of the portfolio rather than managing data.”

–Rodney Johnson, Deputy Treasurer, Orange County Transportation Authority

Thorough Reconciliation and Data Validation

Clearwater’s powerful proprietary solution automatically performs numerous, detailed reconciliations and checks every day to ensure the accuracy of your portfolio. You’ll never have to labor over spreadsheets or wait for monthly or quarterly statements to arrive. With Clearwater, your investment information is accurate and updated daily. Learn more about Clearwater’s proprietary reconciliation solution.

 Thorough Reconciliation and Data Validation

Taking Reconciliation to a Whole New Level

  • Cash
  • Positions
  • Transactions
  • Interest Income
  • Accrued Interest
  • Dividends
  • Amortization
  • Factors
  • Trade Errors
  • Pricing
  • And more!