Investment Accounting and Reporting Resource Center

At Clearwater, we are dedicated to staying up to date on the latest accounting guidance and standards updates, particularly as they relate to accounting for your investment portfolio. We continually invest in new resources to help you implement best practices, understand regulatory guidance changes, and stay on top of the changing investment landscape.

Our resource center contains helpful material, such as webinars, white papers, and case studies, that help you stay current in a constantly evolving institutional investing landscape. Plus, we’re constantly adding new content, so check back often to discover new investment accounting and reporting guidance.


Establishing Investment Accounting and Reporting Best Practices for Financial Institutions

This white paper outlines 4 imperatives that accounting and finance professionals should adopt in order to have a consolidated, transparent view of their investment portfolio, allowing them to react to market moves, senior management questions, accounting rules, auditor inquiries, and to make intelligent investment decisions.


CopperPoint– Overcoming More Than Just Everyday Investment Accounting Challenges

As the premier provider of workers’ compensation insurance for Arizona businesses and organizations, CopperPoint has nearly 25,000 workers’ compensation policyholders, representing more than 30 percent of the market in Arizona.