Satisfy Stringent Tax Filing Requirements

Deliver accurate and timely tax reporting;
save the manual workload headache

Although tax filings are important components of your organization’s overall financial and regulatory reporting activities, they have long been viewed as an afterthought by accounting and reporting providers. At Clearwater Analytics, we know tax reporting is an essential part of a complete investment accounting and reporting solution. Clearwater is the only integrated, multi-basis investment portfolio accounting and reporting provider that offers extensive functionality specifically for tax reporting purposes. Clearwater clients have the tools necessary to provide accurate and timely reporting, which greatly simplifies complex investment portfolio tax filing processes.

Accounting Functionality Designed Specifically for Institutional Tax Professionals

Clearwater’s investment accounting solution treats tax as a complete basis, which ensures accuracy according to tax guidance. Key functionality includes:

“It is refreshing that Clearwater has employees who understand the tax laws relating to investments. This allows us to have meaningful discussions and are confident in the accuracy of the tax reports.”

Troy Ballard
Assistant Vice President-Tax,
Infinity Property & Casualty Corp.

  • Income-based reports at the tax lot level categorized by taxability, holding period, character (ordinary or capital), income type (interest or dividend), amortization/accretion (OID and market), accrued market discount, and other data points
  • Holdings-based reports at the lot or position level indicating units, holding period, original cost, book value, market value, and other data points
  • Equity dividend report showing amount of dividend received per lot and whether or not the dividend is eligible for the DRD deduction based on the relevant IRS guidance (derived from a REIT, U.S. or foreign, holding period, etc.)
  • Roll-forward reports (tax book value, accrued market discount, deferred gain/loss, and wash sales)
  • Tax-to-GAAP and tax-to-STAT comparison reports to compare the accounting values (e.g., book value, original cost, amortization/accretion, realized gain/loss) between the tax basis and GAAP or STAT bases, including identification of which components of the value might be different
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  • Wash sale report that allows companies to identify transactions involved in wash sales and confirm the subsequent tax accounting treatment (e.g., the amount of loss deferred on the sold lot and the increase in the basis of the purchased lot)
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  • Intercompany deferred gains or losses reports that show the gain or loss deferred on inter-company transfers (as well as the previously deferred amounts now recognized during any given period)
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New Tax Reports

  • Balance Sheet By Position
  • Balance Sheet By Lot
  • Income Detail
  • Interest Income
  • Amortization/Accretion
  • Realized Gain/Loss
  • Wash Sales
  • Deferred Transfers
  • Recognized Deferred Transfers
  • Equity Dividends
  • Book Value Roll-Forward
  • Accrued Market Discount Roll-Forward
  • Wash Sale Roll-Forward
  • Deferred Gain/Loss Roll-Forward
  • Tax/GAAP Book Value Comparison
  • Tax/STAT Book Value Comparison
  • Tax/GAAP Deferred Tax Comparison
  • Tax/STAT Deferred Tax Comparison