Reduce the Pain of Schedule D Reporting

Automate Statutory Accounting and Filing of Your Investment Statements with Clearwater

Many insurers still struggle with the perpetual challenges that accompany investment accounting and regulatory reporting. Many can’t close their books or file NAIC-required statutory accounting reports in a timely manner because they still manually enter transactions and security master information into their investment accounting systems and prepare investment schedules and disclosures from disparate sources. The result is often delays in delivering Schedule Ds, sometimes weeks after quarter end, as well as delays in filing annual statements (yellow book, blue book, orange book, etc.). Are you tired of legacy statutory accounting software that doesn’t provide you with the detailed accounting and reporting you need?

“With Clearwater, we are able to quickly download our Schedule D, DA, etc., data and import it directly into our statutory reports. Clearwater saves us countless hours in preparing these statements at every quarter and year-end.”

–Steven Harris, Treasurer, Adriatic Insurance Co.

Comprehensive NAIC Investment Schedules

No matter what color book you file, Clearwater’s investment reporting software provides you with automated and timely Schedule D reports in easy-to-consume and easy-to-upload formats, with visibility into the detail behind the reports. With every calculation at the tax-lot level, and Schedule D reports delivered as early as the first business day, Clearwater is the new standard in investment accounting, regulatory reporting, and analytics for insurers, reinsurers, and captive insurers.

Clearwater Statutory Accounting Features


See for yourself how Clearwater’s breakthrough solution can work for you.

  • Full suite of audit-quality Schedule D reports, including detailed reports and supporting data behind the Schedule D, for statutory reporting
  • Risk-Based Capital, BA Assets, and Supplemental Investment Risk Interrogatories
  • Full integration with the NAIC Securities Valuation Office (SVO) for pricing and designations
  • Support for annual statement disclosures including: AM Best, S&P, and Fitch surveys
  • Investment-related disclosures, including SSAP 100 and SSAP 43R impairments
  • Independent, 3rd party reconciliation and verification provides the foundation for precise and accurate data
  • Reports that seamlessly feed into your annual report software packages, including Booke TCP, StoneRiver eFreedom, Eagle Wings, AM Best ESP, and more
  • The latest accounting and Blanks updates available automatically through Clearwater once the guidance is effective

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