Investment Analytics and
Compliance Monitoring

With Clearwater, you are able to analyze your investment data in a whole new way using powerful portfolio management analytics and accounting tools. Clearwater delivers powerful risk analytics that help you analyze market exposures, performance measurement to help you understand portfolio returns, and investment policy compliance monitoring to facilitate the oversight of your investment guidelines. All of this investment information is built on a completely integrated and seamless portfolio management accounting system and investment book of record that is updated daily. Clearwater brings it all together.

Investment Analytics and Compliance Monitoring

Performance Measurement

Clearwater delivers easy to use yet powerful functionality to evaluate the performance of your portfolio through different lenses. You get the freedom and flexibility to view your investment returns exactly how you want to see them, using consistent assumptions in accordance with GIPS, regardless of the number of portfolios, managers, or entities, including:

  • Multiple return types
  • Benchmark comparisons
  • Risk-adjusted returns
  • Performance attribution
Performance Measurement

Learn more about Clearwater’s performance measurement solution.

Risk Analytics

Investment professionals have a responsibility to know the status of their portfolios and to understand their risks. You need timely and actionable data to analyze your portfolio exposures, inform stakeholders within your organization, and make decisions with confidence. With Clearwater, you’ll have access to insightful risk analytics to ensure you know what you own at any point in time including:

  • Exposures
  • Benchmark comparisons
  • Credit rating monitoring and downgrade notifications
  • Stress testing
  • Value at risk (VaR)
Risk Analytics

Learn more about Clearwater’s risk analytics solution.

“With Clearwater, we have the ability to pull all these tasks that we currently do separately—investment accounting, risk analytics, performance measurement—all under one roof. That model really makes a whole lot of sense to me and everyone else here at the State Fund.”

–Chad Welborn, Chief Investment Officer, CopperPoint

Investment Policy Compliance Monitoring

Insurers often have multiple investment guidelines to adhere to, including board-approved policies and individual state regulations. This is further magnified by the number of mandates and states where you do business. Understandably, keeping track of all of this is complex. The result is processes that aren’t timely, auditable, or transparent. With Clearwater, you gain daily, independent monitoring that proactively notifies you of your compliance status, including violations at the security level, including:

Investment Policy Compliance Monitoring
  • Independent compliance monitoring
  • Company and State policy monitoring
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Complete history and analysis

Complete Reporting Integration

Most investment accounting and reporting processes are based on information cobbled together from disparate systems and statements. So much time is spent manually re-keying and reconciling data and working to get the numbers to tie out. In contrast, Clearwater is a singular, seamless, and integrated system built on a foundation of accurate data. We are the only provider of integrated investment accounting, compliance, performance, and risk analytics.