Why we use Clearwater

Normandy Harbor Insurance Co.

"We used a competitor of Clearwater and we were not getting the returns we needed. If somebody asked me about Clearwater, I would say go for it."

Eli Tisser

Merchants Property and Insurance

"I don’t know how you could do without Clearwater."

Sara Lootens

Cumberland Insurance Group

"Since using Clearwater, things have been much more transparent to the department and to executive management."

Neal Pierce
Directory of Finance and Treasurer

Erie and Niagara Insurance

"We realize that we're doing a better job because of Clearwater."

Ann-Louise Roginson
Accounting Department Manager

Washington Dental Service

"When you walk into an implementation you expect a challenge. With the dedicated service of Clearwater's Implementations team, it was a very simple process."

Mickey Salas
Senior Accountant

The Strickland Financial Group

"The ability to get the investment committee visibility into what’s going on with the portfolio on a regular basis and getting them actively engaged is a key benefit."

Steve Westfield
Chief Financial Officer