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Clearwater is dedicated to keeping insurers up-to-date on the latest accounting guidance, industry standards, and reporting regulations. This resource center features industry research, webinars, white papers, and more to help you navigate the constantly changing investment landscape. Read through the materials below and explore the links on the left to learn more about new best practices, regulatory guidance changes, market insights, and Clearwater's streamlined approach to investment accounting and reporting.


The 2016 Solvency II Survey Report Conducted by Clearwater

Solvency II is the most significant regulatory change to ever be implemented in the European insurance industry, transforming the ways insurers govern and report on data. Clearwater’s 2016 Solvency II Report explores the common features of successful Solvency II methodologies and the unexpected challenges many insurers had to overcome.

New digital publication

Clear Insights

Clear Insights is Clearwater Analytics’ new digital publication. Clear Insights provides insurance investment accounting professionals with information and analysis on the latest regulatory changes, industry-wide investment accounting challenges, peer-driven best practices, and industry hot topics. Clear Insights provides the great content and expertise that you expect from Clearwater, including:

  • Specialized Articles: industry-driven content, specialized research, regulatory analysis, and an “Ask an Expert” feature
  • Dynamic Platform: a framework that is easy to search and sort, as well as fully mobile-friendly
  • Optimized Design: sleek, responsive, and designed around usability

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Now with additional asset classes and considerations, including for multinational reporting, The Clearwater Guide to Non-Traditional Asset Classes provides valuable insight into 13 non-traditional asset classes, including direct mortgage loans, syndicated loans, options, futures, credit default swaps, and credit tenant loans. This guide contains basic definitions, common challenges, and GAAP and STAT reporting classifications and requirements, and multinational reporting considerations. This important information will help investment and accounting teams evaluate the implications of these complex assets as they consider incorporating them into their investment portfolios.

FEATURED Market Insight

NAIC Spring 2016 National Meeting Update

The NAIC held its Spring 2016 National Meeting from April 3 - 6 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The NAIC Spring 2016 National Meeting Update market insight paper provides a comprehensive overview of the meeting’s key investment-related items, including updates on upcoming changes from the Investment Classification Project, new electronic-only columns, the impact of upcoming money market reforms, new proposals, and more.

FEATURED Market Insight

Hot Topics in Insurance Investment Accounting

Clearwater is dedicated to keeping insurers up-to-date on the latest investment accounting guidance and standards. The Hot Topics in Insurance Investment Accounting Market Insight Paper provides a comprehensive overview of the most important investment accounting related items that will be coming up in 2016, including project updates, discussions, exposures, and adoptions from the:

  • NAIC
  • SEC
  • FASB

…and more.

Featured White Paper

Why Insurance Investment & Accounting Teams Trust SaaS Solutions

How SaaS Provides the Most Reliable, Timely, and Detailed Investment Accounting and Reporting Data

The 2015 Clearwater Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey included questions on how investment and accounting teams wrangle their investment information, and their ideal solutions for accessible, accurate, and detailed data. This paper analyzes the surprising trends in survey responses, and examines what insurers can learn from new industry developments.

As part of The Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Analysis Series, this paper adds additional perspective for investment and accounting teams to compare their processes to their peers’. Read other papers from the series here.


The 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Report

With over 400 survey respondents, including CFOs, CIOs, controllers, accountants, and other key investment and reporting staff, Clearwater’s 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Report provides insurers with detailed, insightful benchmarking data they need to assess where they stand relative to their peers. The report also helps readers evaluate and understand the current investment environment, investment allocation strategies, key operational processes, and satisfaction with current investment and accounting systems.


Mergers & Acquisitions

In today’s fast-paced, low-yield economy, insurers are looking for ways to promote growth and maximize profits. Growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&As) is an increasingly popular strategy worldwide. Download Mergers & Acquisitions: The Clearwater Way to explore how the Clearwater solution helps streamline M&As every step of the way, for a more seamless and efficient process.


NAIC Fall 2015 National Meeting Update

The NAIC held its Fall 2015 National Meeting from November 19 - 22 in National Harbor, Maryland. The NAIC Fall 2015 National Meeting Update Market Insight paper provides a comprehensive overview of the meeting’s key investment-related items, including updates on new electronic-only columns, CMBS/RMBS modeling, corporate bond factors, new proposals, and more.

Key Investment Topics in Tax from an Audit Perspective


Key Investment Topics in Tax from an Audit Perspective

Drew Westall, Senior Manager at Johnson Lambert, joined Sam Hobbs, Accounting Product Specialist at Clearwater, to discuss tax considerations, best practices, and industry trends in reporting for municipal bonds, TIPS, wash sales, deferred gain/loss, proration 86, and more! Drew’s insights are based on his daily interactions with clients and extensive experience in tax reporting.

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015