Clearwater Analytics Testimonials

Hear What Our Insurance Clients Are Saying About Us

"By using Clearwater, we have substantially increased our operational efficiencies for month end closings, NAIC statement preparation, managerial reporting, and the list goes on. We are grateful for all the time and stress that Clearwater removes from these processes."

–Lisa A. Snyder, Vice President of Finance & Administration, Alamance Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company

"In the limited amount of time I've spent working with Clearwater, the difference in flexibility and overall ease when running reports is already apparent. Many of the reports that I used to wish existed on my company's old investment system come canned and ready to use on Clearwater. The interface alone is head and shoulders above what we were previously running, so I'm optimistic and excited to use the Clearwater system for reporting and the monthly cycle."

–Jeff Marlin, Financial Accountant, Sagicor

"I love this system--it works perfectly!"

–Michael Bodayle, Vice President & Treasurer, Acceptance Insurance

"We anticipate immediate cost savings by moving to Clearwater. My staff is relatively small, so integrating risk, performance and compliance analytics with investment accounting in one solution is excellent.”

–Chad Welborn, Chief Investment Officer, CopperPoint

"Data access is critical to our company's operations. Before we partnered with Clearwater, we didn't have direct access to our [investment] data. In fact, we did not have the ability to make or extract data of any kind. We could write some reports but it wasn't very easy and it wasn't very timely. With Clearwater, we are enhancing our infrastructure."

–Jim Ganley, Portfolio Strategist, The Main Street America Group

"We were immediately impressed with Clearwater’s investment accounting and portfolio analysis capabilities. We selected Clearwater based on their ability to help us improve our operational efficiency around filing quarterly and annual Schedule Ds, their independent performance reports, access to daily risk analytics, the ability to monitor compliance with our investment policy, and ultimately to have the freedom and flexibility to make the best investment decisions possible."

–Stephen Westfield, Chief Financial Officer, Strickland Financial Group

"In today's market environment, reporting systems that provide data integrity and immediacy are essential for anyone tasked with monitoring, accounting for, or managing a diversified investment portfolio. Clearwater's transparent reporting capabilities, their ability to draw from multiple data feeds, daily reconciliation and book-of-record reporting have allowed us to put more focus on driving yield and making our portfolio a more efficient profit center. Outsourcing our accounting, reporting and analytics to Clearwater affords us the opportunity to focus on our core strengths rather than spend time reconciling and manually entering data. As a result, we have been able to make more informed investment decisions."

–Dean Sandros, Senior Investment Accountant & Assistant Portfolio Manager, United Heritage Insurance Group

"The bottom line is that before Clearwater, we couldn't get a quick and accurate book value to determine potential unrealized gains or losses. Now with Clearwater, we log onto the system and see what the book value is immediately. We are now making trading decisions with a full set of facts. We had to do so much manually too, between inputting transaction, looking up and changing the factors on our securities, and inputting NAIC data. Clearwater automates all of those items for us now and takes care of any exceptions — it's huge."

–Jack Winderl, Executive VP, Treasurer and COO, United Heritage Insurance Group

"By choosing Clearwater, we're taking steps to improve our investment accounting process consistent with a larger goal of working smarter and becoming more efficient. By not having to manually input trades or double check a majority of the calculations, this frees up our team's resources to focus on other areas."

–Christopher Stenwall, Senior Insurance Accounting Manager, CorePoint Insurance Company