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Staying up to date on the latest accounting standards and changes being issued by regulatory bodies is a never-ending challenge, let alone interpreting and implementing the changes as they relate to your investment portfolio. From FASB and the new codification standards to AICPA pronouncements, it’s a constant battle to stay on top of the changing standards and regulations.

GAAP Accounting

For institutional investors, Clearwater is dedicated to staying well-informed on the latest accounting guidance and to providing solutions automatically through the Clearwater system once guidance is effective.

FASB Exposure Draft – Accounting for Financial Instruments

Clearwater is dedicated to staying up to date on the pending FASB Exposure Draft issued May 26, 2010, titled “Accounting for Financial Instruments and Revisions to the Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities.” Please check back regularly for the latest updates on the Exposure Draft and other GAAP guidance updates.

FAS 157 (ASC 820-10) – Fair Value Accounting

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The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Statement 157 to "define fair value, establish a framework for measuring fair value in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and expand disclosures about fair value measurements." Clearwater created new reports allowing clients to define the pricing input levels for their security types at the general and individual security level and produced the required disclosure reports required by FAS 157.

Download the ASC 820 (FAS 157) and Its Application to Fixed Income Investments Paper
Download the Impact on Investment Accounting Market Insight Paper
Watch the FAS 157 and Fixed Income Investments Webinar

FAS 115-2 (ASC 320-10-35) – Other-Than-Temporary Impairment (OTTI)

In April 2009, the Financial Accounting Standards Board's (FASB) issued FAS 115-2, which changed its standards for evaluating, recognizing and measuring other-than-temporary impairment (OTTI). FAS 115-2 compelled investors to re-evaluate their OTTI conclusions and make material changes in their accounting policies and previously taken impairment losses to ensure compliance. Clearwater adjusted their solution in less than six weeks to allow for the additional OTTI requirements and disclosures introduced in FAS 115-2, providing clients with a fully integrated, seamless solution before the June 15, 2009, effective date.

Download the FAS 115-2 Market Insight Paper
Download the Impact on Investment Accounting Market Insight Paper
Watch the FAS 115-2 Webinar

“If someone tasked with filing reports does so while applying principles based on FAS115-1 and is not aware of FAS115-2, they will make mistakes. A third-party provider specializing in these disciplines – with visibility into multiple industries – can accelerate the change implementation process.”

–Laura Fisher, Managing Director at Silicon Valley Consulting Group

International and Other Accounting

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Clearwater is dedicated to staying up to date on the pending Exposure Draft with regard to IFRS 9. Please check back regularly for the latest updates.

Download the IFRS Market Insight Paper

Statutory Accounting Updates for Insurers

Learn more about how Clearwater stays up to date on Statutory Accounting regulatory changes for insurance companies.

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Market Insight

Clearwater provides complete access to a series of market-focused papers, best practices guides and webinars designed to give in-depth insight into new accounting standards updates, and help you understand how these changes impact your investment portfolio.