The Premier Investment Accounting Engine

Clearwater Investment Accounting

Clearwater’s investment accounting provides institutional investors with daily, audit-quality accounting reports including reports to support the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows for portfolios and aggregates. These reports include complete audit trail information with flexible assumptions and are supplemented by transaction, income and security detail, impairment analysis, trading activity, cash flow forecast, tax lots, and more.

Benefits of Clearwater Investment Accounting

  • Transparent: Single, consolidated view of all investment assets
  • Accurate: Investment data independently aggregated, reconciled, and validated daily
  • Efficient: Offload the tedious period-end close cycle and manual processes, including data entry and reconciliation
  • Detailed: Quickly drill-down to the individual security and tax-lot level
  • Flexible: Custom date ranges, portfolio views, entitlements, and benchmarks
  • Integrated: Accounting, compliance, performance and risk reporting in one solution
  • Timely: Intuitive, web-based interface that is updated daily and is accessible anytime, anywhere

With Clearwater’s automated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, you’ll no longer be required to manually enter trades and transactions, aggregate or reconcile data. Clearwater takes care of the heavy lifting for you by providing you with precise and accurate accounting information at your fingertips. Period-end closes are streamlined and calculations, entries, reconciliation reports, write-downs, and disclosures are taken care of.

“Odds are that a shift in the market that calls for an immediate holdings assessment may not conveniently happen at month end. You don’t need daily integration into the general ledger, but you do need visibility into the portfolio on a daily basis – especially when significant market events take place.”

–Keith Jennings, Vice President and Treasurer at Cameron International Corporation

With Clearwater, you’ll have access to fully reconciled accounting information on a daily basis, month-end statements and reports that tie-out, and automatic/customized entries, including your GL codes. Clearwater is committed to staying up to date on the latest accounting guidance and standards updates (GAAP, IFRS, Tax, etc.), and to providing clients with automatic solutions to changing guidance. To learn more, visit the Accounting Standards Updates page

Clearwater Investment Accounting Features

  • Multi-basis accounting (GAAP, IFRS, TAX, etc.)
  • Accounting for a variety of asset types:
    • Equities
    • Structured products
    • Fixed income
    • Bank loans
    • Derivatives
    • Money market instruments
  • Flexible accounting assumptions, applied consistently across all investment portfolios
    • ASC 325-40 (FAS 91) amortization adjustments
    • Cash equivalent time period
    • Amortization method
    • Inventory methods
    • Custom fiscal calendar
  • Entries, detail behind entries, roll-forwards, disclosures, holdings, income, and transaction reports
  • Automated general ledger upload
  • The latest accounting updates (FAS 115-2, for example) available automatically through Clearwater once the guidance is effective
  • Daily reconciliation and data validation enables Clearwater to deliver month-end reports quickly, typically T+1, for a quick and painless period-end close
  • Complex calculations – every item is calculated at the tax-lot level, driven off of Clearwater’s security master detail

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Regardless of the number of legal entities, portfolios, investment managers or custody banks, Clearwater aggregates, independently verifies, and confirms investment portfolio information daily. Clearwater delivers transparent, integrated and actionable multi-basis and multi-currency accounting reports and analytics. It provides treasurers, CIOs, CFOs, and accounting teams with views at individual portfolio, composite and aggregate levels, allowing drill-down functionality to individual securities and lots.

The Premier Investment Accounting Engine

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Clearwater also provides daily, audit-quality accounting reports, daily balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows for portfolios and aggregates for insurance companies. Clearwater’s multi-bases portfolio accounting supports multi-currency accounting, and global tax and regulatory processing requirements such as GAAP and Schedule D. Learn more about Clearwater for Insurance Companies