Streamlined Investment Accounting
and Regulatory Reporting

Accounting for your investment portfolio can be demanding. You have to book journal entries, prepare financial reports and disclosures, reconcile activity and statements, field questions from stakeholders and auditors, assemble board packages, and keep up with ever-changing accounting regulations—and do much of it using spreadsheets stitched together manually. Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline these processes, and increase accuracy and precision at the same time? With Clearwater, you can.

Streamlined Investment Accounting and Regulatory Reporting

The Premier Investment Accounting Engine

Clearwater’s market-leading investment accounting engine is accurate, precise, powerful, and robust—and it is updated daily. No other investment accounting platform can provide you with up-to-the-day, audit-quality accounting information, regardless of the number of accounts, custody banks, or security types that you might have. Learn more about Clearwater's premier investment accounting engine.

“Clearwater’s system adds control to our investments. On a daily basis, we know that our accounting records are being properly reconciled. The time we save each month enables us to concentrate on other treasury issues.”

–Blair Olexa, Treasurer, Tellabs, Inc.

Customized General Ledger Entries

Customized General Ledger Entries

With Clearwater, you can close your books with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Journal entries can be configured to match your specific chart of accounts and GL codes, which facilitates automatic entry into your general ledger system. Plus, all of the detailed data is available any time you need it to aid in the reconciliation and audit of your entries.

Complete Financial Statement Disclosures

Complete Financial Statement Disclosures

Manually preparing numerous investment disclosures for your financial statements is a cumbersome process. With Clearwater, you get a comprehensive set of investment disclosures that are available at the click of a button.

Financial Statement Disclosures You Need

  • Impairments
  • Fair Value
  • Level 3 Roll Forward
  • Market Value, Time to Maturity, and Amortized Cost
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • And more…

Multi-Basis Accounting—GAAP, TAX, IFRS, etc.

Multi-Basis Accounting

By design, Clearwater is multi-basis. The system easily handles portfolios of varying complexity. Whether you only need single-basis accounting (e.g., GAAP or IFRS), or you need to account for a global portfolio with multiple accounting bases, with Clearwater, you’re covered. What’s more, the system is constantly evolving to incorporate new accounting rules and regulations. Learn more about Clearwater’s multi-basis accounting capabilities.