Outstanding Customer Service
and Industry Expertise

Everybody’s got questions. With Clearwater, you get answers. Our dedicated customer service personnel operate as an extension of your team, provide proactive education on the latest investment trends, and are more than happy to help when you need support or training. You’re never alone when you’re closing your books, preparing filings, or completing that next packet for the board.

Dedicated Customer Service

You deserve customer service that you can trust. Whether it’s every day or once a month, we’re there when you need us. Our customer service team is knowledgeable and responsive; we work to understand your deadlines and adapt to your processes. Clearwater provides support tailored to your exact investment accounting and reporting needs.

Proactive Regulatory and Accounting Guidance

We know that keeping up with regulatory changes, new investment accounting guidance, and investment trends can be time consuming, complicated, and demanding. Clearwater’s experts proactively monitor the investment accounting and regulatory landscape and deliver timely information to you. With Clearwater, you’re always up to speed and in the know. Learn how Clearwater can help you stay up to date on the latest accounting standards and regulations.

“Clearwater brought to us not just a solution for our data, but expertise in all aspects of investment accounting and reporting for direct securities.”

Andy Noll, Senior Financial Professional, 3M Company

Unlimited Training and Education

We believe that every customer is entitled to world-class training, and that accessible customer support should be a core component for any software or service offering. At Clearwater we embody this belief. Our dedicated and experienced customer service team is with you every step of the way.

Going Above and Beyond

We provide holistic, responsive customer support, giving you a powerful resource to make Clearwater’s investment accounting solution work for you.

Someone You Can Trust

You Can Trust

A dedicated, single point of contact that knows you and your portfolio

Questions Big and Small

Big and Small

We will research any investment-related questions for you

Custom-Fit Service


Service specifically tailored to your needs

Watching Out For You

Out For You

Proactive notification, education, and training on regulatory changes, tracked by a team of experts, that affect your investment portfolio

Every Step of the Way

Every Step
of the Way

Support every day and at every period end

Clearwater’s Educational Toolbox

  • Topical industry webinars
  • Insight papers
  • Training videos and webinars
  • Product demos