Clearwater Videos

Learn about the details behind our solution, what every institutional investor needs, and how we go above and beyond for our clients.

Top Challenges for
Corporate Investors

"We have you covered regardless of what happens with regulation."

Brian Slattery
Enterprise Sales

Accessibility, Usability and Continuous Improvements

"We provide accessibility from anywhere in the world, the ability to receive user-friendly data, and constant product enhancements."

Brian King
Enterprise Sales

Client Implementation and Training

"You don't call a main line, you call someone you know; you call that dedicated account manager who knows your accounts and can answer your questions."

Andrew Kroes
Asset Manager Market Specialist

Client Support

"Everyone is so intelligent and it's a very collaborative work environment. We know we need to get the job done so we work very hard."

Renai Bell
Product Owner

We Earn Your Business Every Day

"We focus on providing high quality services for our clients, staying ahead of the regulatory environment so that when there is a new regulation, a new report to be filed, we are ready with it."

Mike Boren

A Glimpse into Our Investment Accounting and Analytics

"We're a full book of record, multi-currency, multi-basis accounting platform enabled to provide daily accounting on behalf of our clients through our reporting system."

Scott Erickson
Director of Product Management

Consolidated Investment
Reporting and Analytics

"Clearwater consolidation provides an aggregate of all the information that they are getting from asset managers and custodians into one location."

Haley Janicek
Business Development

Consolidated Investment Portfolio

"We allow you to focus on the data itself and use the data for analysis"

Riley Thomas
Enterprise Sales

Enhanced pLatform Benefits

"We feel like it's really intuitive. They can log into the report, right click on the column header and get all kinds of different options."

Andrew Kroes
Asset Manager Market Specialist

Automated Regulatory Filings

"Being able to automate that process takes a significant amount of manual time away from our clients so it's a huge blessing in disguise."

Haley Janicek
Business Development