Clearwater Analytics Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"With Clearwater we have risk analytics, performance measurement, and investment policy compliance monitoring, all available on one system."

–Andy Noll, Senior Financial Professional, 3M

"Clearwater Analytics offers a significant evolutionary leap in the world of on-line investment management and portfolio reporting. Our ability to view accounting, compliance, risk and performance information -- how we want it, whenever we want it, from wherever we want it -- all within a secure environment has created tremendous value for our investment team. By increasing the quality and flexibility of our portfolio's reporting while reducing the amount of time to create it, our investment team has experienced many tangible benefits by using Clearwater's portal -- all without any sacrifice to the integrity of data."

–Greg Bromberger, Director of Treasury, Cisco Systems

"Prior to Clearwater, I had reporting from my custodian and then reporting from my money-market fund. I needed reporting to provide a complete look. With Clearwater, I can now truly manage a holistic portfolio. Every asset I am charged with managing goes through Clearwater and I have a single view for all those assets and one access point."

–Doug Bressette, Assistant Treasurer, Celgene Corporation

"Great accounting, excellent reporting, easy interface, phenomenal staff."

–Sunita Parasuraman, Treasury Manager, Facebook, Inc.

"Clearwater has enabled us to significantly reduce the resources required to effectively manage the end-to-end investment function.  From complex compliance functionality to automated accounting and reporting, the Clearwater team has consistently exceeded our expectations by being flexible and timely, providing outstanding personal client services and delivering value in every area of investment management."

–Cosmin Pitigoi, Finance Manager, eBay, Inc.

"Clearwater provides an automated solution to the compliance monitoring process with daily email notifications and the ability to quickly research policy violations with comprehensive, real-time portfolio information. The Clearwater system also conveniently reports period-to-date information that's very useful in projecting accurate interest forecasts."

–Bill Bascom, Assistant Treasurer, Intuit, Inc.

"With Clearwater's reporting system employed for all our portfolios, not only are all our financial reporting requirements met, but also, as Treasurer, I can keep informed, in real-time, about investment policy compliance, portfolio risk and performance."

–Nigel Allen, Treasurer, NVIDIA

"Prior to Clearwater, it took a great deal of internal resources to put together our monthly reports. We struggled with compiling data from various external managers. With Clearwater's reporting system, we now have an independent third party that reports our investment results. Clearwater's system adds control to our investments. On a daily basis, we now know if a manager is in compliance with our investment guidelines and that our accounting records are being reconciled to our custodian's records. The numerous man hours saved each month enables us to concentrate our efforts on other important treasury issues."

–Blair Olexa, Treasurer, Tellabs

"Clearwater Analytics is one of the cornerstones of the investment management functions at Electronic Arts. From daily operating activities such as compliance and transaction monitoring to sophisticated performance, risk and sensitivity reviews, Clearwater has been integral to the solution. Most importantly, Clearwater Analytics' customer service is second to none because they really care about their clients."

–Jacob Wallin, Assistant Treasurer, Electronic Arts, Inc.

"The month of April was extremely easy for us to do our reconciliation processes. We are very excited about the ease Clearwater Analytics brings to our investment reporting activities."

–Emily Howard, Treasury Analyst, Redhat

"Clearwater's web-based platform is very robust and reconciles to the custodian daily. Clearwater also provides SOC 1 Type II, so you can rely on their accounting instead of all the different reports from your managers. In short, it's great!"

–Bruce Edlund, Senior Corporate Treasury Manager, Citrix

"Clearwater is a life saver that helps me manage my investment managers and keep track of compliance and performance information. I really appreciate being able to easily get my numbers at month end. Clearwater has saved us a significant amount of time."

–Patrick Murphy, Manager, Corporate Accounting, United Online

"Clearwater’s investment reporting service is second to none. We have been satisfied customers since 2005. The Clearwater website gives me daily information about the state of our investment portfolio. It has dozens of pre-set reports and ad hoc reporting capability. The reporting allows us information at our fingertips. It also allows us to consolidate the holdings of several brokers into one report. We used to do this consolidated reporting in Excel and it took days. Now the same report can be done in hours. The Clearwater team does a great job handling all inquiries in a prompt and courteous fashion. All in all, Clearwater provides wonderful service."

–Amanda Duisman, Corporate Treasurer, Sybase

"The Clearwater Analytics system provides the tools I need to quickly monitor my balances, view my performance, and monitor investment policy compliance with the click of a button. Using Clearwater Analytics' comprehensive system to create our journal entries for investment accounting is very easy. Finally, Clearwater Analytics' knowledgeable staff does a great job helping monitor the activity in our account and working with our custody bank to resolve issues. As a result, I can focus my time on other pressing matters."

–Brett Knoff, Treasury Manager, JE Dunn