Data Management

Data AggregationDo you find managing data constantly interferes with your firm’s ability to manage your clients’ portfolios? It’s easy to see why: data is everywhere and aggregating, reconciling, and validating it from numerous sources is complicated. To handle it, most asset managers use inefficient processes cobbled together by cumbersome systems that require manual intervention. Because data is an integral component of your firm’s success, you need a solution that management delivers accurate and timely investment data, a solution that puts actionable information at your fingertips. You need Clearwater.

Aggregation of Trading Activity and Safekeeping Data

No matter which portfolio management or trading system you use or how many safekeeping institutions are involved, Clearwater aggregates all of your data seamlessly and automatically, regardless of format, frequency, or delivery requirements.

Automatic Data Integration

Clearwater pulls investment security characteristics for numerous asset types (e.g., fixed-income, equities, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives, etc.) and integrates them daily into Clearwater’s proprietary system. Not only is the data in one place, it contains robust data points that create a more holistic view of the investments you manage.

Thorough Reconciliation and Validation

Most asset or investment managers only perform basic cash and position reconciliations, meaning other vital data points aren’t validated and remain unchecked. Clearwater goes further. We perform numerous, detailed reconciliations to ensure that your investment data is up-to-date and accurate. Our powerful solution automatically validates data points between your trading platform, safekeeping institutions, and Clearwater’s system each day.