Investment Accounting and Reporting White Papers and Guides

Our white papers and best practices guides offer an expert view into the intricacies and challenges of investment portfolio accounting, reporting, and analytics for asset managers. Each paper or guide provides useful, actionable information your teams can use to improve investment accounting and reporting at your company.

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To Build or Buy?

A Decision-Making Framework for Buy-Side Firms

Investment management firms have complex needs. When the time comes to choose new technology to meet these changing needs, firms face a crucial question: is it better to build or to buy?

To Build or Buy? A Decision-Making Framework for Buy-Side Firms details common challenges when organizations of all sizes evaluate their software needs, what organizations should look for when deciding whether to build or buy, and examples of the build or buy decision process in action.

How Clients Choose & Evaluate Asset Managers

Key Factors That Impact Your Business

Investors consider many complex, and often surprising, factors when choosing or evaluating an asset manager. In today’s crowded asset management field, these factors can be game-changers in providing firms an edge over their competition. Based on industry research and survey data direct from investment decision-makers, How Clients Choose & Evaluate Asset Managers analyzes what clients and prospects want most from their asset managers, and explores how firms can ensure that they are offering a best-in-class solution and service.

Redefining Investment Reconciliation

The Clearwater Way

As firms grow and acquire new business, the investment accounting and trading systems they rely on are often unable to scale to these greater data and organizational demands. Outdated and inefficient tools and processes can be particularly disruptive to investment data reconciliation. While reconciliation is a critical step in confirming accounting values before they end up in trading or accounting systems, most installed and homegrown reconciliation processes don’t go far enough to ensure investment data is accurate and available in a timely manner.

Is your reconciliation process daily, automated, thorough, streamlined, and scalable? Download Redefining Investment Reconciliation to find out how many reconciliation processes fall short—and how Clearwater can help ensure that your accounting values are complete, timely, trustworthy, streamlined, and scalable.

The Evolution of Software

When choosing an accounting, reporting, and reconciliation solution asset managers have more options than ever before. But solution providers’ technology buzzwords—the cloud, cross platform, outsourced, hybrid, installed—can make the software selection process unnecessarily complex and confusing. This abundance of variety can be overwhelming, especially when accompanied by ambiguous terminology.

Many asset managers just aren’t aware of the differences between installed, hosted, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. But behind those buzzwords are real distinctions, which can have real impacts on how asset managers do business.

The Evolution of Software examines the evolution of accounting, reporting, and reconciliation software solutions, and provides unambiguous insight into the different choices available to asset managers today. Learn how choosing the right solution for your firm can bring dramatic benefits to you and your clients.

Redefining Implementation

For a lot of asset managers, this scenario is all too familiar: you select a new investment accounting software product, and you’re told it will be an easy implementation process. The provider promises no manual data entry, easy software installation, and to stay within budget. But those promises are quickly broken, as milestones go unmet and questions to the provider go unanswered.

Download Redefining Implementation: The Clearwater Way to learn how Clearwater's unrivaled technology, streamlined processes, and extraordinary customer service makes us the investment accounting and reporting solution to help you succeed, from implementation onwards.

Is Your Reporting Living Up to Its Potential?

Three Ways to a Competitive Advantage

All asset management firms face varying degrees of position reconciliation and reporting challenges. Organizations that seek out leading asset manager software solutions to help conquer these challenges gain new perspective on what a powerful tool reporting can be. These firms recognize that portfolio reporting systems can be a core tool used to compete for new business, strengthen relationships with current clients, and streamline internal processes.

Establishing Investment Accounting and Reporting Best Practices

Establishing and implementing a framework for investment accounting and reporting best practices not only helps to alleviate the pressures associated with operating in such a volatile market, it provides companies with a logical means of protecting their solvency. By following a best practices framework, accounting and finance professionals are free to focus on more strategic initiatives that can greatly improve their collective ability to stay ahead of any potential threat to the portfolio.