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Clearwater webinars are designed to help you stay up to date on the changing investment landscape, the impacts of evolving accounting standards and regulations, and the best practices investment and accounting professionals should consider.

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On-Demand Webinars

Selecting Scalable Investment Management Technology

How to Ensure Your Investment Accounting and Reporting Solution Can Scale with Your Firm

Growth is a top goal of any asset management firm, from the recently founded to the long-established. But when a firm’s investment technology can’t keep up with their growth—whether it’s in additional clients, additional assets, or shifting portfolio directives—employees often end up spending more time managing data and processes than portfolios and client relationships. Change should not be an impediment to growth.

Clearwater’s Selecting Scalable Investment Management Technology webinar details how choosing the right investment accounting and reporting solution can help firms of all sizes ensure their ability to accommodate new clients and seamlessly adapt to market changes and new initiatives. The webinar will also dive deep into what to look for when selecting a solution to achieve true scalability.

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What Clients are Looking for in an Asset Manager

The New Standard of Asset Management Success

Asset managers know that their clients have expectations beyond just performance. Based on extensive survey data, industry research, and real-world expertise, this webinar will provide an in-depth look into how insurers and corporations evaluate their asset manager, and how they decide which asset management firm to trust with their business.

This webinar will analyze some surprising data on how clients rely on asset managers for more than just investment initiatives, and what firms can do to set themselves apart in providing thorough, timely, transparent, and high-quality asset management.

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When to Utilize Money-Weighted and Time-Weighted Returns

Which Performance Measurement Methodology is Right for Your Team?

Determining when your treasury team should use money-weighted returns (also known as dollar-weighted returns or internal rate of return), time-weighted returns, or both, requires an in-depth understanding of your company’s investment portfolio, organizational guidelines and policies, and reporting requirements and capabilities. Join us for this informative webinar that will provide detailed insights into the major factors influencing money-weighted and time-weighted return strategies, and explore best practices for implementing these methodologies.

Richard Chapman, Treasury Analyst at BCBS South Carolina, will discuss his personal lessons learned on determining when money-weighted and time-weighted returns are preferred, and provide insights on industry best practices to get the most out of each method.

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Reporting as a Competitive Advantage

As an asset manager you have a lot to worry about. From winning new business, managing portfolios, handling daily trading, aggregating and reconciling data—and everything in between—firms have their hands full. With so many vital responsibilities to juggle, some tasks don’t always receive the attention they deserve. For example, client reporting typically isn’t a firm’s top priority, especially when there are so many other high-value factors to manage. But could the right kind of reporting actually be an asset in helping your other high-value core competencies succeed?

Join Clearwater Analytics for this informative webinar as we discuss current challenges, opportunities, and trends in client reporting. Don’t miss this chance to discover how the right kind of reporting can become a competitive advantage for your firm.

Broadcast Date: Thursday, December 4, 2014