Clearwater Videos

Learn about the details behind our solution, what every institutional investor needs, and how we go above and beyond for our clients.

We Earn Your Business Every Day

"We focus on providing high quality services for our clients, staying ahead of the regulatory environment so that when there is a new regulation, a new report to be filed, we are ready with it."

Mike Boren

Customized Reporting for
Asset Managers

"With Clearwater we're able to provide them that expertise as well as that reporting layer that they need to win mandates."

Brian Slattery
Enterprise Sales

Timely, Flexible Client Reporting

"We can help asset managers get access to timely, flexible reporting that give clients exactly what they need and we can do it in a fashion that the asset manager doesn't have to dedicate a lot of their resources to it."

Eric Gwilliam
Enterprise Sales

A Glimpse into Our Service Model

"We’re not simply relying on the third party vendor or the custodian, we are aggregating from those parties and then Clearwater is reconciling to ensure accuracy."

Scott Erickson
Director of Product Management

Automate Your Period-End Reporting Process

"With Clearwater, we’ve compressed the monthly process into a daily cycle. Every day for us is treated like month-end."

Rick Bernier
Business Development Manager

Client Implementation and Training

"You don't call a main line, you call someone you know; you call that dedicated account manager who knows your accounts and can answer your questions."

Andrew Kroes
Asset Manager Market Specialist