Case Studies

Clearwater has redefined investment portfolio accounting, reporting, and analytics for asset managers. Over sixty asset management firms use Clearwater to provide their clients with more accurate and efficient investment accounting and reporting information.

We invite you to review the case studies below to learn how firms like yours have transformed their processes with Clearwater:

Square 1 Asset Management

Starting from Square One

Founded in 2013, Square 1 Asset Management knew that being a new player in the asset management arena required a proactive approach and cutting edge technology to combat industry-wide problems.

Ultimately, the goal of all asset managers is to spend more time making sound investment decisions, analyzing the results, and strategizing for clients. With Clearwater's scalable solution and accurate daily-reconciled data populating automated reports, Square 1 Asset Management is able to focus on their core responsibilities and use Clearwater's clean and accurate data to make strategic and fully-informed investment decisions.

First Principles Capital Management

Supporting Business Growth with Clearwater

First Principles Capital Management (FPCM) is a leading fixed-income asset management firm serving both institutional and individual investors. Developing and maintaining excellent client relationships is vital. The firm’s commitment to meeting the needs of its investors and its expertise in fixed income, including mortgage-backed securities, municipal bonds, corporate securities, asset-back securities, and global sovereign debt, have helped FPCM build its assets under management (AUM) to over $10 billion.

To meet its commitment to providing investors and internal users with daily, comprehensive investment portfolio data—including risk, performance, and investment guideline compliance—First Principles requires an easily accessible and scalable information management platform.

London & Capital

Reassuring Clients in a Volatile Marketplace

London & Capital, an independently owned asset manager with clients around the world, needed an investment accounting solution that would provide transparent client reporting in unpredictable markets, improve scalability in response to rapid growth, and allow their portfolio managers to focus on strategic wealth planning, instead of on complicated manual reconciliation and customization tasks. Global finance is complex, and the firm needed a solution that could integrate even the granular details, without compromising quality.



Prior to launching Halyard Asset Management, Steven Boyd, Principal, knew they needed a system capable of automatically aggregating, reconciling and verifying cash, positions and transactions for its clients. In addition, Halyard wanted the accounting, performance, risk measurement and compliance reports to draw from that single, reconciled data source. Halyard chose Clearwater reporting and analytics to differentiate itself from competitors, and as a means of establishing its credibility.