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At Clearwater, we are dedicated to staying up to date on the latest accounting guidance and standards updates, particularly as they relate to accounting for investments. We continually invest in new resources to help asset managers and their clients implement best practices, understand regulatory guidance changes, and stay on top of the changing investment landscape.

Our resource center contains helpful material, such as webinars, white papers, and case studies, that help you stay current in a constantly evolving institutional investing landscape. Plus, we’re constantly adding new content, so check back often to discover new investment accounting and reporting guidance.

Selecting Scalable Investment Management Technology


Selecting Scalable Investment Management Technology
How to Ensure Your Investment Accounting and Reporting Solution Can Scale with Your Firm

Growth is a top goal of any asset management firm, from the recently founded to the long-established. But when a firm’s investment technology can’t keep up with their growth—whether it’s in additional clients, additional assets, or shifting portfolio directives—employees often end up spending more time managing data and processes than portfolios and client relationships. Change should not be an impediment to growth.

Clearwater’s Selecting Scalable Investment Management Technology webinar details how choosing the right investment accounting and reporting solution can help firms of all sizes ensure their ability to accommodate new clients and seamlessly adapt to market changes and new initiatives. The webinar will also dive deep into what to look for when selecting a solution to achieve true scalability.

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Redefining Investment Reconciliation
The Clearwater Way

You rely on accurate and timely data for every trading decision you make, and even seemingly innocuous data errors can result in time-consuming and expensive error resolution. Reconciliation is a critical step in confirming that investment data are correct before they end up in your trading or accounting systems.

While some reconciliation is better than none, not all reconciliation processes are created equal. Whether you rely on your own spreadsheets, an installed solution, or an outsourced provider to assist with reconciliation, there are five key reasons why traditional data validation and reconciliation processes are insufficient for delivering accurate and timely investment data.

Is your reconciliation process daily, automated, thorough, streamlined, and scalable? Download Redefining Investment Reconciliation to learn how many reconciliation processes fall short—and how Clearwater can help ensure that your accounting values are timely, trustworthy, detailed, and complete.


The 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Report

With over 400 survey respondents, including CFOs, CIOs, controllers, accountants, and other key investment and reporting staff, Clearwater’s 2015 Insurance Investment Benchmark Survey Report provides insurers with detailed, insightful benchmarking data they need to assess where they stand relative to their peers. The report also helps readers evaluate and understand the current investment environment, investment allocation strategies, key operational processes, and satisfaction with current investment and accounting systems.