Investment Managers Can Finally Streamline Their Daily Operations


Clients and prospects have complex portfolio needs, yet investment manager solutions aren’t equipped to handle complex asset classes.

The Clearwater Way

  • A multi-asset class and multi-currency solution enabling firms to proactively change or adapt their investment strategy, no matter how complex or non-traditional the asset
  • Constantly evolving with client needs and industry changes, and defining accounting and reporting best practices for new and complex asset classes

Clearwater allows us to strategically scale and accommodate our new client growth, as well as provide our current clients with a compelling reporting solution. Clearwater’s ability to easily and effectively report on large, sophisticated portfolios provides another layer of efficiency for Beacon Pointe, and truly aligns with our driving principle of ensuring that our clients’ best interest is the force behind everything we do.

Garth Flint  |  CEO, Beacon Pointe Advisors

Outdated software is dependent on inefficient and error-prone manual processes, so operational costs increase as AUM grows.

The Clearwater Way

  • An automated, integrated, and easy-to-use solution for data aggregation, portfolio accounting, reconciliation, reporting, and other operational functions
  • A secure platform that is updated frequently and seamlessly, and accessible at any time through a web browser
  • Constant innovation so the value of Clearwater continuously grows over time

Clearwater has the ability to continuously provide updates, change as rules change, and grow with the firm—all automatically—meaning we don’t have to alter our processes every time something inevitably changes.

Adam Dean  |  President, Square 1 Asset Management

In-house reconciliation systems and processes are manually-based, and are inherently inefficient and unscalable.

The Clearwater Way

  • Innovative technology eliminates manual processes through automation
  • Daily tri-party reconciliation between trading system data, custody bank feeds, and Clearwater’s independent accounting engine
  • Suite of investment manager tools offers a transparent view of reconciliation results

We love that Clearwater reports give us the ability to customize, filter, and sort reports exactly how we want them at the click of a mouse. And because of the daily data aggregation and reconciliation, we know that these reports are accurate.

Renee Resch  |  Operations Administrator, Madison Scottsdale

Investment managers rely on a variety of systems and data sets to meet their business needs, but integrating those systems is difficult and requires inefficient manual workarounds.

The Clearwater Way

  • An integrated system with data aggregation, reconciliation, accounting, performance calculation, billing, post-trade compliance monitoring, composite management, a client portal, statement generator, and others
  • Fully managed data connections with custodians, data vendors, index providers, and more

The Clearwater system has effectively standardized the delivery of accounting data, portfolio performance, and investment policy compliance for our firm.

Lou Martine  |  Senior Managing Director, Head of Distribution, U.S. Bancorp Asset Management

Gaining access to custodian data and maintaining those connections is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

The Clearwater Way

  • Seamless, Clearwater-led establishment of new custodian data connections into the Clearwater reconciliation system
  • More than 650 current custodian connections and counting

There's so much the Clearwater system can do to take on the burden of data management as we grow and develop our SMA offering. Clearwater allows us to focus on true value-add services for clients that ultimately expand our business.

John Huber  |  Chief Investment Officer, Prudent Man Advisors, Inc.

Software support is a key component of any technology system, but support for investment manager systems is often reactive, expensive, and a burden to operations teams.

The Clearwater Way

  • Industry and system experts help investment managers transform their operational processes to match industry best practices
  • Unlimited training is always available for new and experienced users, from the initial system transition through ongoing day-to-day use of the system

Clearwater makes my life so much easier! Any time I have questions, I can call my account manager and have an answer. They go above and beyond for their clients, so we can do the same for ours.

Michelle Gautama  |  Client Manager, Square 1 Asset Management

As AUM increases, daily operations functions grow more complex and disjointed, and investment managers lose data access and control.

The Clearwater Way

  • An integrated system built on one set of daily reconciled and fully validated data
  • Web-based solution is accessible anywhere, and Clearwater’s suite of investment manager tools provides up-to-date transparency into file receipt, reconciliation processing, reconciliation results, trade details, and more
  • Automation provides seamless scalability as AUM grows, asset classes are added, employee headcount changes, new custodian connections are built, and new business is generated

Trying to reconcile data from multiple custodians, third-party providers, legacy bank infrastructure, in-house accounting, and siloed investment management software systems is not only a recipe for a lot of work, but also a disaster waiting to happen if something slips through the cracks. We can’t take that risk, nor can our clients.

Adam Dean  |  Managing Director, Square 1 Asset Management

Clients and stakeholders expect accessible and easy-to-consume reports and statements, but reporting systems are often inflexible, hard to integrate, and limited in format.

The Clearwater Way

  • Fully integrated web portal and statement generator backed by the full Clearwater data management system
  • Customizable and shareable reports featuring only the most relevant and impactful data
  • Daily validated data provide end clients assurance that the information they see in statements and on the Clearwater system is trustworthy, accurate, and up-to-date

Providing best-in-class reporting is essential in today’s marketplace. Clearwater enables us to deliver accurate, transparent, timely information to our clients.

Lou Martine  |  Senior Managing Director, Head of Distribution, U.S. Bancorp Asset Management, Inc.

Investment managers must comply with a variety of regulatory bodies. Regulations frequently change, but accounting and reporting systems are slow to adapt and difficult to update.

The Clearwater Way

  • System functionality is continuously updated to help firms meet compliance with evolving rules like relevant SEC regulations, GIPS requirements, Solvency II reporting, NAIC updates, and other regulatory bodies
  • Clearwater's industry experts monitor the regulatory environment to understand what new regulations mean, and help clients to be prepared when they take effect

Not only is Clearwater responsive to our questions, but they are true insurance industry experts. They proactively stay abreast of the most recent NAIC guidance and ensure that their clients know the most important information, and that their solution is updated to address any changes before they take effect. With Clearwater we are never playing catch-up.

Thomas Brockett  |  Chief Accountant, Knights of Columbus

Clearwater’s regulatory knowledge has helped clarify certain complex NAIC items. We appreciate the knowledge and expertise that our account manager has, especially pertaining to the subtle differences between GAAP and STAT.

Elizabeth Miller  |  Insurance Entity Leader, Dorinco Reinsurance Company

Performance must be tracked according to strict guidelines, a process that is inefficient, difficult, and often error-prone.

The Clearwater Way

  • Easy-to-use composite manager tool for efficient documentation throughout the quarter
  • Centralized document storage and notes tracking, including on-demand audits of when and why accounts changed, and who changed them

I discussed the strict composite reporting rules for both the SEC and GIPS in detail with Clearwater, and they took the time to understand exactly what was required. Clearwater came back to me and had not only implemented every change my firm needed, they added additional useful features. They went above and beyond my expectations, and I'm looking forward to many years of a great relationship.

Emery Levick  |  Director of Investments/Partner, U.S. Asset Management


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