More Insurers Choosing Clearwater to Overcome Investment Accounting and Reporting Challenges


Insurers Such as Columbian Mutual Life Insurance, Fidelity National Financial, Savings Bank Life Insurance, and More Optimizing Investment Operations with Clearwater’s Innovative, Web-based Solution

WASHINGTON, D.C. – IASA 2013 Annual Conference – June 3, 2013 — Clearwater Analytics, an established provider of web-based investment accounting solutions for insurance companies, is solidifying its reputation as a top choice for integrated investment accounting and reporting for insurers of all types and sizes. Since May of 2012, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) company has signed more than 45 new insurance clients. The reason is Clearwater is helping insurers meet a number of universal investment accounting challenges.

Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company, a life insurer with an investment portfolio of $1.4B, selected Clearwater in October of 2012 because it provides an integrated solution offering risk, performance, and investment policy compliance monitoring built on a powerful accounting engine.

“Clearwater’s strengths include the accounting and performance reporting combined with a unique outsourcing model,” said Michael Fosbury, CIO of Columbian Mutual. “At the end of the day, I just felt more comfortable with Clearwater as our investment accounting solution.”

Builders Mutual Insurance Company, a P&C builders insurance company with an investment portfolio of over $500M, selected Clearwater in November of 2012 because it provides them with more accurate and timely investment accounting.

“With Clearwater, I know that when I look at reports, the data is validated and correct,” said Tom Lockard, CFO of Builders Mutual Insurance Group. “I can look at my accounting and risk values confidently knowing that every position is reconciled. We do not need to have a full-time employee reconciling data manually on the side.”

The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (SBLI), a life insurer with an investment portfolio of over $2.2B, selected Clearwater in June of 2012 because it streamlines their entire investment accounting process.

Merchants Insurance Group, a commercial P&C insurer with an investment portfolio of $450M, selected Clearwater in November of 2012 because its unique software and service business model provided excellent customer service to support the investment accounting software.

“After years of searching, I finally found a company that backs its promise of outstanding customer service,” said Ed Murphy, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at Merchants Insurance Group. “Clearwater stands head and shoulders above the competition.”

And Fidelity National Financial, a Fortune 500 provider of title insurance and mortgage services and an investment portfolio of $3.5B, selected Clearwater in February of 2013 in part because it represented a clear break from their legacy investment accounting system, giving them an automated, scalable investment accounting, analytics, and reporting solution.

“We were looking for a way to gain increased control and flexibility over our investment accounting and reporting operations,” said FNF Vice President Ed Peebles. “We manage all of our investments in house, and it was a constant challenge for our accounting teams to maintain high levels of efficiency because of manual processes. We’re looking to completely automate how we manage investment accounting and reporting, and are anticipating greater efficiency, functionality and transparency with Clearwater.”

“Since 2009, Clearwater’s platform has been widely adopted by leading insurance companies because we are helping them meet key investment accounting and reporting challenges,” said Dave Boren, CEO of Clearwater Analytics. “Outstanding organizations like Builders Mutual Insurance Group, SBLI, Columbian Mutual Life Insurance, Merchants Insurance Group, FNF, and many others have decided to switch their investment accounting operations to Clearwater. We invite others to take a closer look to see why.”


  • Accurate and Timely Investment Data: When it comes to investments, accurate data is everything. Clearwater delivers robust, audit-quality investment data. It’s a solution that puts actionable information at insurers’ fingertips and is available anytime, anywhere.
  • Streamlined Investment Accounting and Regulatory Reporting: Complex processes and ever-changing regulatory requirements can be overwhelming. Clearwater is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest accounting guideline changes, allowing insurers to streamline their reporting processes, and do them with much more accuracy and precision.
  • Investment Analytics and Compliance Monitoring: Oftentimes, investment information is cobbled together from disparate systems and statements, resulting in extra time spent manually re-keying and reconciling data. Clearwater provides easy access to a complete suite of investment risk analytics, performance measurement, and compliance monitoring for an insurer’s entire portfolio, built on an integrated system that is updated daily.
  • Outstanding Customer Service and Industry Expertise: Every customer is entitled to world-class training and a custom-fit service, catered to their investment accounting and reporting needs. Clearwater provides responsive customer support that acts as an extension of an insurer’s team, and delivers proactive education on changing regulatory guidance and the latest insurance trends.
  • An Automated, Scalable, and Easy-to-Use Solution: No one wants more software to install and maintain. When it comes to investment accounting and reporting, what insurers need is an easy-to-use, automated solution that scales as their organizations grow and as the investment environment changes. That’s exactly what Clearwater delivers.


About Clearwater Analytics 

Clearwater Analytics® provides web-based investment accounting and portfolio reporting and analytics for corporate treasuries, insurance companies, and asset managers. Clearwater’s daily-aggregated and reconciled solutions deliver the highest level of portfolio transparency available on the market today for insurance clients such as Group Health Companies, The Main Street America Group, Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts, CopperPoint, The Warranty Group, and WellCare. Launched in 2004, with offices in New York, New York; Boise, Idaho; and Edinburgh, U.K., Clearwater Analytics reports on more than $1 trillion in assets for thousands of institutional investors. For more information about Clearwater Analytics, visit