Clearwater Analytics Named Alexander Hamilton Award Finalist


BOISE, ID – September 20, 2010 - Clearwater Analytics, a recognized leader in transparent, outsourced, web-based, investment portfolio reporting and analytics for both separately managed and commingled accounts, has been named a finalist for the 2010 Alexander Hamilton Award in the Solution of the Year category.

This marks the 15th year that Treasury & Risk has honored the best and the brightest from corporate America's treasury and finance departments. The Alexander Hamilton Best Practices Summit and Awards Program recognize excellence in treasury management and finance at the nation's top companies and multinationals with a strong U.S. presence. The event takes place on October 28th and 29th in New York City.

Clearwater earned a spot among two other providers as the year's best solution based on its submission detailing its work with Cisco. Prior to engaging Clearwater Analytics, Cisco's investment accounting and reporting drew from multiple sources. Asset managers tasked with ensuring the company's investment portfolio rendered consistently positive results were simultaneously tasked with reporting on their own performance, while employing their own set of metrics. As a result, Cisco felt it was always at "arm's length" from its portfolio. Since it could no longer maintain this status quo, nor could it develop an internal process from the ground up, Cisco looked to outsourced options.

Clearwater's Operating Fund Analytics required no software installation, no new equipment, no maintenance and minimal training for accounting and investment team staffers. In addition, Clearwater provided a dedicated account manager and daily-reconciled reporting and analytics on a 24-hour, webbased view of Cisco's portfolio across accounting, compliance, performance and risk modules. Most importantly, Cisco would be able to monitor the performance of all its asset managers against a standardized index with accounting data that tied out across the entire system.

"Unlike competing platforms and spreadsheet-based processes, Clearwater provides completely integrated accounting, compliance, risk, and performance reporting and analytics. Tying these reporting modules to the same foundation of reconciled tax-lot-level data creates inherently more accurate and reliable information," said Clearwater Analytics CEO Courtlandt Gates. "By outsourcing investment portfolio reporting and analytics to a Software-as-a-Service provider, Cisco was able to concentrate on analyzing data and making better investment decisions, rather than aggregating and reconciling that data for report output. This allowed Cisco's treasurers to be more analytical and less administrative. It also allowed the department as a whole to be better prepared for reporting on Cisco's exposure during significant market events."

Clearwater's Operating Fund Analytics offers the following core platform functionality:

  • Aggregation and reconciliation of information from multiple data sources
  • Daily accounting, compliance, performance and risk reporting and analytics
  • Flexible fiscal calendars
  • Daily compliance monitoring and automated notification of violations
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Automated general ledger uploads

Operating Fund investor clients also benefit from value added functionality:

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • FAS 115-1 Impairment capability
  • Comprehensive coverage and accurate accounting treatment for all money market securities