Clearwater Analytics Drives Shift to Automated Investment Reporting and Analytics with New Offerings


Sophisticated web-based reporting and analytics platform tracks risk exposure, compliance violations, financial statements and investment performance daily

BOISE, ID — March 24, 2009 — Clearwater Analytics, the recognized market leader in web-based reporting and analytics for corporate treasury departments announced two new offerings — Insurance Analytics™ and Private Wealth Analytics™ to address the nuanced investment reporting needs of insurance companies and private wealth investors.

Each solution harnesses Clearwater’s powerful and highly-scalable technology platform to provide unparalleled visibility and transparency across multiple portfolios, asset classes, security types and currencies. Investors have access to a view of their entire investment portfolio to monitor risk exposure, compliance violations, financial accounting statements and investment performance. Investors have the ability to drill down to the tax lot level information underlying the reporting and analytics to view specific security characteristics. Clearwater’s platform provides investors with the technology tools and the business intelligence they need to:

  • Automate inefficient manual processes and free-up resources,
  • Identify and assess risk exposure across a broad range of criteria, including issuer, security type and sector,
  • Proactively track compliance against investment policies to identify violations,
  • Implement consistent assumptions across portfolios to generate accurate financial reports, and
  • Track investment performance against custom-defined benchmarks to measure investment manager results.

Insurance Analytics™

Designed to address the stringent regulatory requirements and investment reporting needs of the insurance industry, Insurance Analytics™ provides investment professionals with a comprehensive solution for dynamically monitoring global investments on a daily basis.

Regardless of the number of legal entities, portfolios, investment managers or custody banks, Clearwater aggregates and independently verifies investment information daily to deliver timely and actionable GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and Statutory reports. The automated financial statements (including balance sheet income statement and income and statement of cash flows) is prepared in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines and National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) standards.

Highlights of Clearwater GAAP Accounting reports, include:

  • Daily book-of-record information, including market value, amortized cost, accruals, gains and losses, original cost, and income,
  • Automated SEC disclosures for financial statements (impairment reporting, FAS 157 fair-value and balance sheet classification reporting), and
  • Automated general ledger upload functionality.

Clearwater generates Statutory Accounting quarterly and annually for Schedule D, DA, & E part II for property and casualty, life, and health insurance companies. To optimize efficiency, individual reports can be imported into NAIC approved software packages, including Brooke ™ (TCP), Freedom™ (AS 2000), A.M. Best (ESP)®, Sungard™ (EPS), and Eagle™ (Wings).

An authorized third party administrator with the NAIC, Clearwater is approved to receive current pricing and designation values for investment portfolios annually and quarterly through the NAIC Security Valuation Office.

Private Wealth Analytics™

Whether a private wealth investor or advisor has one or multiple accounts, Clearwater’s Private Wealth Analytics solution delivers industry-leading transparency to drive smarter investment decisions across the entire investment portfolio. Until today, private wealth investors seeking a complete view across their portfolio cobbled together disparate platforms to track their investments. With Private Wealth Analytics, investors and advisors have a single web-based tool to monitor their entire portfolio holdings on a daily basis. Highlights of Private Wealth Analytics include:

  • Meaningful reports and analytics — With a few clicks, investors and advisors can easily drill down into equity, fixed income, and other asset types to analyze risk, performance and compliance daily
  • Consolidated view of net worth — Clearwater’s automated functions provide an accurate view of net worth based on market conditions. Investors benefit from a complete picture of their balance sheet, cash projections and interest income forecast.
  • Aggregated and validated holdings across multiple accounts — Clearwater independently reconciles and verifies all cash and position movements daily at custody banks and safekeeping institutions to ensure an accurate, consolidated accounting of holdings.

Empowering Investors with Industry-Leading Functionality

Building on its leading position in reporting and analytics, Clearwater also unveiled enhancements to its core reporting platform which benefit many investor types:

  • New Risk Sector Viewing Options — Market sector, industry sector and industry sub-sector views are now available through Clearwater’s risk reporting module.
  • FDIC Guaranteed Bonds — Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (TLGP) FDIC guaranteed bonds are now identified in investor portfolios
  • FAS 91 Reports — Clients can now select either the retrospective or prospective method of periodically adjusting amortization schedules for asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities, based upon updated prepayment information.

Additionally, in mid-February, Clearwater rolled-out enhancements to automate and streamline reporting and disclosure requirements to facilitate compliance with FAS Rule 157.

"In today’s fast paced market environment, investors simply can’t afford to use manual spreadsheet processes to track and manage large investment portfolios -- the risks are too high," said Clearwater Analytics CEO Courtlandt Gates. "Without instant access to accurate and actionable data, organizations have neither a meaningful overview of what they own nor detailed insight into the nature of their individual investment assets."

"For more than five years, Clearwater Analytics has been a key partner to many of the world’s most sophisticated investors," Gates continued. "Our industry-leading reporting and analytics have helped organizations save millions of dollars in resources, and in costly mistakes."

About Clearwater Analytics

Launched in 2003, Clearwater Analytics reports on nearly $400 billion in assets for more than 2,000 institutional investors globally. The company’s industry-leading technology is the only platform on the market to offer a complete solution for dynamically monitoring global investments on a daily basis. To schedule a free demonstration of Clearwater Analytics technology and services, visit, call (800) 250-7543 or email