Clearwater Analytics Co-sponsoring the Chief Investment Officer Roundtable at IASA 2011


Clearwater Analytics Co-sponsoring the Chief Investment Officer Roundtable at IASA 2011

Company's growth in the insurance market continues

BOISE, ID - JUNE 1, 2011 - Clearwater Analytics, a Boise-based provider of web-based investment portfolio accounting, reporting and analytics, will co-sponsor the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Roundtable at the 2011 IASA conference in Nashville, TN on June 6th. 

Gathering more than 325 C-level executives from finance, technology, investments and operations under one roof, IASA's executive roundtable series is a premier event presented exclusively for insurance company senior executives. The 2011 CIO Roundtable will cover a range of topics, including the economic outlook for insurers, investment management, investment strategies and an examination of high-yield bonds.

"We've seen Clearwater's presence growing consistently among accounting and investment reporting solution providers in the insurance market," said Mark Roth, VP of Business Development for IASA. "We're very pleased to have Clearwater join such a distinguished group of sponsors and hope this marks the beginning of a long relationship with Clearwater and our Executive Education Roundtable Series."

Founded in 2004, Clearwater has experienced explosive growth and currently reports on over $650 billion in assets. Much of the recent growth in assets has been in the insurance vertical market where accounting and investment teams are looking for accuracy, efficiency and transparency. "The last twelve months have seen significant advances at Clearwater," said Courty Gates, CEO of Clearwater Analytics. "As a result we are well positioned to increase our share in investment accounting, reporting and analytics for insurers. Our sponsorship of this important roundtable demonstrates our commitment to bring compelling solutions to insurance companies."